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Employee time tracking methods

Tracking employee time is an important aspect of managing a business. It helps to ensure that employees are productive and that the company is using its resources effectively. In this guide we will discuss the best methods of employee time tracking and how they can help your business. Let's start...


8 Common Myths About HR Analytics

Human Resources has a long history and has undergone massive shifts and changes throughout its lifetime. There are many misconceptions floating around, and many people have outdated perspectives regarding the nature of HR as it exists today. HR analytics, while increasingly accepted as highly impactful and important, are even more...


Dictionary of Common HR Terms: Debunking the Jargon

Within the realm of HR, there’s lots of industry-specific jargon. Words and phrases are used in ways that can be easily misinterpreted. Check out this list of some frequently used HR terms, and ensure that your understanding of these concepts is spot-on. Applicant Tracking System A software module assisting...


7 famous HR quotes, Explained

Observations, aphorisms, and statements from experts can grant us invaluable insights, deeper conceptual understanding, or new perspectives on long-held ideas. For example, while we can’t talk to Sir Richard Branson for advice regarding HR best practices, we can reference his infamous words, "Train people well enough so they can...


HR Data Explained: What is it, and Where Does it Come From?

You’ve probably heard of HR analytics, the process of analyzing data related to a business’ workforce to improve organizational outcomes. You’ve also probably heard of HR metrics, the quantifiable indicators that help us measure and gauge business success at a given time. You definitely know that performing HR...


Successful Employee Development Programs: Three Key Case Studies

Employee development, closely related to (but distinct from) employee training, is the practice of helping employees gain or expand upon skills, competencies, and abilities. This process involves preparing employees for future roles and their overall careers rather than for a specific job or task and focuses on optimizing a person’...

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