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HR Data Explained: What is it, and Where Does it Come From?

You’ve probably heard of HR analytics, the process of analyzing data related to a business’ workforce to improve organizational outcomes. You’ve also probably heard of HR metrics, the quantifiable indicators that help us measure and gauge business success at a given time. You definitely know that performing HR...


Successful Employee Development Programs: Three Key Case Studies

Employee development, closely related to (but distinct from) employee training, is the practice of helping employees gain or expand upon skills, competencies, and abilities. This process involves preparing employees for future roles and their overall careers rather than for a specific job or task and focuses on optimizing a person’...


How to select the best HR software for your company

According to Forrester’s report, only 41% of global software decision-makers say they’re satisfied with their current HR management software products, while 56% are looking at other options. Stay ahead of the game and ensure that you choose the correct HR software to save yourself time, money, and stress...


Optimizing HR to foster employee development

Employee development, also referred to as talent development, is the practice of helping employees gain or expand upon skills, competencies, and abilities. It’s the process of educating and developing workers, eventually making them more valuable to an organization, more engaged and satisfied, and more likely to become top performers...


Modern HR analytics: Revolutionary, results-oriented…and really important

Human resources, a field that’s been around since the early 1900s, has changed dramatically throughout the last decade. The industry continues to evolve and grow rapidly, trending toward systems governed by data-driven, analytical, and technological approaches to managing employees. All great business owners recognize the importance of utilizing facts...


How to Foster a Work Environment Focused on Employee Wellbeing

What is employee wellbeing, exactly? Employee wellbeing refers to the overall state of an employee’s mental, physical, emotional, and economic health. It’s influenced by factors such as: * Sense of purpose and meaning * Organizational support (physical, mental, financial) * Work-life balance * Physical comfort and safety * Autonomy, flexibility, and “job control”...

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